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Cream Cheese vs Buttercream Frosting

Our dealings with overly sweet cakes and what we consider the correct ratio of cake to frosting!

We’ve learnt a lot about cream cheese and buttercream frosting whilst building our Crumbs and Spice range! First, I’m sure everyone knows that buttercream is more flexible and easy to work with for decorating cakes. For visuals they are key, but cream cheese can be too.

Cream cheese – trickier. There have been many warm summer days where we’ve frantically tried to stop our cream cheese from melting! However cream cheese is also very rich and creamy, and this provides a lovely balance to our range of cakes, complementing the spices, range of fruit and nuts we use. So in the end, having tested each of our cakes with buttercream vs cream cheese, blind tested our family and friends to try our cakes – cream cheese came top! It’s a win-win situation really, we ended up with lots of cakes that were all happily devoured, and at the same time we remain true to our ethos of making cakes that look good, but taste even better.

Overly sweet cakes and ratio of frosting to cake.

When we started researching about cakes and frostings, we realized that many online recipes when followed, in reality, tasted overly sweet. As an ultimate cake lover I know this to be true for many cakes that I buy! If the cake isn’t sweet enough, the huge dollop of icing on top makes it even sweeter. Cupcakes are sometimes made to look OTT with huge array of decorations and toppings - they after all appeal to us mere mortals who are plagued with a sweet tooth. But sadly I feel an overly sweet cake can sometimes compromise the cake, or an overly sweet icing often masks a poorly tasting cake.

With this in mind, and from polling opinions from our friends and family, we worked on making sure that our cakes have a good balance - reducing the ratio of sugar until we felt that we found a perfect combination. Sweet, but not overly sweet, and not too overpowering that it overrides the essence of the cake itself.

Lastly, I am sure we have all come across cupcakes covered to the brim with frosting. It’s definitely visually appealing, but sometimes you are left with more frosting than you do cake! So back to the drawing board we went, experimenting with our ratio of cake to frosting. Many nights spent measuring the amount of batter we use per case to ensure the correct height and width then moving onto trialling the right amount of frosting. I am pleased to say we feel we’ve hit the right balance and this is why our icing tends to be centred in the middle of our cakes.... as you probably may have noticed!

We can’t wait for you to try them.

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